Social Media Policy

Social Media Terms of Use of Japan Computer Vision Corp.

Japan Computer Vision, Corp. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") has acquired YouTube and LinkedIn account to further enhance its public relations activities and disseminate information on the Company's operations, initiatives and events.

For the dissemination of information via the Social Media, the Company has established the following account operation policy.

Account Info

Account Info etc...

Social Media Service Name
Account Name
Japan Computer Vision Corp.
OperatorJapan Computer Vision, Corp
PostPost by Japan Comuter Vision Corp. Marketing Department.
Information to be posted
  • About Us
  • Products & Services
  • Event Info
  • Other information about the Company
Replies to commentsIn general, we do not respond to comments made by official social network users to the Company.
If you have any questions or comments about our company, please use the "Contact Us" section of our website.
Prohibited Conduct and Criteria for Deleting Posted Comments

The following actions are prohibited and the corresponding posts and comments will be deleted.

  • Content that violates or is likely to violate laws and regulations.
  • Offensive to public order and morals.
  • Facilitating criminal activity.
  • Slanders or damages the reputation or credibility of a specific individual, company or organization.
  • Any information that harms the privacy of the user, such as specifying, disclosing or leaking personal information without the consent of the user.
  • Any material that infringes on the rights of the Company or a third party, such as copyrights, trademark rights, or portrait rights.
  • Advertisements, advertisements, solicitations, sales activities and other commercial purposes.
  • Any political or religious activity that is untrue or simply promotes rumors or rumors.
  • Discrimination on the basis of race, ideology, beliefs, etc. or that which promotes discrimination.
  • Repeating the same or similar comments posted by the same user.
  • Impersonating another user or third party.
  • Harmful programs, etc.

In addition to the above, if a public institution or a person with legitimate authority points out or expresses an opinion about posted information that is illegal, violates public order and morals, or infringes on the rights of others, etc., or if the company deems the postings or comments to be inappropriate, the company will delete the information when it is deemed necessary.

CopyrightAll rights, including copyright, to the contents of the Social Media (including text messages, photos and illustrations) belong to the Company. The content of this site may not be reproduced or diverted without permission, except in cases such as "reproduction for personal use" or "quotation" as permitted by copyright law.
Handling of Personal InformationWhen we collect personal information from users, we will manage it appropriately in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
DisclaimerHowever, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability and usefulness of the content.
The content of the official social networking site is subject to change without notice.
The Company shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect loss caused by the use of the Social Media.
The Company reserves the right to change, review or discontinue operation methods without notice.
Contact UsIf you have any questions or comments about our company, please use the "Contact Us" section of our website.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

About Japan Computer Vision (Known as JCV)

Japan Computer Vision Corp., a subsidiary of Softbank Corp., is an AI company that leverages image recognition technology to provide cutting-edge solutions for the smart building and smart retail sectors.